Comfort has your name

This company was created by the high demand which we faced in developing property projects, also our customers who were increasing, were seeking to buy and sell property and thanks to that we consolidated our position as one of the stronger real estate companies in Costa Rica

Registered more than 10 years ago, has a large amount of customers and properties, a company that is expanding, strictly follows the fully updated legal guidelines used nowadays.

This division of CR REIT is responsible for searching titles of all types of properties , either for purchase or for sale , relying on an ample portfolio of properties.

We specialize in all types of properties according to the needs of our customers, whether for recreation, housing and investments, anywhere in Costa Rica We have contacts all over the country to search any property or development project requiring an investment of capital or likewise are already finished and can be purchased at a great prices

Mountain Houses

Luxury Equipment

Beach Houses

Wide open spaces

City Houses

Houses in the Woods

Access to Beautiful Landscapes

Information about our properties

Our properties include appropriate studies ensuring they have no legal problems, they also have good location in places of great goodwill or that are in great urban recreational space and for personal enjoyment