Legal Counseling


Our motivation is helping our customers to be relaxed in regards to legal procedures, to advise our investors so they will make secure and transparent procedures, we worry to stay updated in legal and administrative matters.


-Because our clients are seeking to invest in profitable and secure projects, accurate legal information is the most important to ensure responsible management of any investment

-We help you to make the procedures faster when purchasing any kind of property, ensuring that it is actually situated as the laws of Costa Rica demand it

-We provide all legal advice, much needed when making any movement related to real estate, give advice on buying and selling properties, businesses, reality check on any type of anomaly or potential scams, status information of the corporations (Sociedades Anónimas)


-Procedures for buying and selling real estate and movable property
Studies of the properties to be acquired, enrollment in the National Register, the purchase, transfer, sale of properties, vehicles and all kinds of goods.

-Capital Management.
We put your capital in various platforms; with the purpose of having stability, security and profitability for our customers.

-Establishment and modification of public companies
Create companies, help changing administrative boards, assemblies etc.

-Civil Lawsuits
We help the recognition of legally established rights or to the declaration of individual rights, creating demands, if necessary, to restore the usurped or violated rights

More services

-Criminal Lawsuits
Basically it consists, as its name implies, in report to the judicial authorities a criminal offense, fraud, breach of contract, who have been victims.

We create written agreements or dealings between parties who accept certain obligations and rights of a particular matter, protecting the assets of our customers.

Keep in mind that unless those brands that can be considered "notorious" which have some protection even without being registered, the right of ownership of a mark or trade name is only acquired by the National Registry of Industrial Property. In another case, the mark will have no protection.

-Migratory processes
Any process related to residence, naturalization, immigration status and passports.

Comercial Counseling


As business advisors we fulfill a function of vital importance for the company, gather market information, both for potential customers and those who are already customers of Costa Rica REIT

In this regard, prior to the buying or investing stage you can obtain important information about the customer and the competition, which will not only be useful to yourself for handling objections and closing the sale or purchase, we teach you to know with whom you do business, and we have extensive information on companies and people with whom its renowned eligible are to do business, we also have a research department to confirm all information they give to our customers.


-Consulting on procurement of goods.
Different options based on previous studies, to acquire greater good, at the lowest cost

-Investment Supervision
Ensure that any investment is completely safe and is backed

-Brand Building
Advice on branding and design

-Marketing Research
Feasibility of performing a specific activity to be successful

-- Advertising Management
Based on market research, go to the right market

-- Return on Investment
Perform detailed studies to ensure a proportional gain on the investment

About Barboza & Asociados Law Firm

With over 15 years of being established, we are a firm with a lot of experience in all kinds of procedures associated with real estate.

Our founding partners are specialists in civil law with emphasis on collection efforts, commercial, notarial matters, the establishment of corporations, transfers of goods, segregations, contracts.

Our lawyers are specialists in other fields such as international administrative penal commercial law, constitutional, commercial and, likewise form a solid and reliable group for any procedure or legal advice.

The large staff of assistants is responsible for making all swiftly and accurately, to ensure the safety in all legal formalities.

None of our customers, in more than fifteen years has suffered some irresponsible action or disgust, because of our transparency and professionalism.

Our Attorneys take care of advising in all types of legal affairs for our investors. The Legal team is responsible for all legal procedures in order to guarantee security and full transparency at the time of investment , wether acquiring properties or selling assets.

None of our customers, in more than fifteen years has suffered some irresponsible action or disgust, because of our transparency and professionalism.

The Attorneys provid contracts and all legal documentation that honors the clients intentions and that focus on the clints best intersts at all times. It is a priority to ensure real and safe investments and povid significant gains for all of our investors. We are available throughout the Country..

It is important to emphasize that the legal procedures governing the Republic of Costa Rica is totally different than any other legal system of any country, all type of step must be done in a manner appropriate to the laws of Costa Rica, to not induce customers to errors that can mean great economic and time losses.