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We have subdivisions that are responsible to help our many clients with different activities such as real estate management, buying and selling property, Legal advice and all kinds of legal and administrative procedures.

Our priority is to place capital in various projects whether urban development, apartment buildings in condominiums, companies requiring capital to increase its production, capacity and sales, with due feasibility study to ensure and guarantee any investment.

All our investments are secured by real estate, at a rate of 50/100 guaranteeing security to our projects and our customers.

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We are a company that over the years has consolidated and expanded, to provide security and positive results to all our customers. Our multiple projects places us in an excellent position, which is very attractive to all who want the people who wants to put their capital to produce


Our projects are real and formal, and we have security interests in every investment type. Our subdivision del Sol Real Estate was created because of the need for new and formal projects, to ensure always that the investment of the capital is reliable and secure


Barboza & Associates Law Firm has the doctrine of making all our legal processes fully transparent, which is necessary to ensure the safety that all properties and projects are viable and real; the priority is to ensure a secure and agile process